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Tattoo After Care Instructions

Initial Care:
   - Keep the Saniderm bandage that your artist applied on your tattoo. This film helps protect your tattoo from bacteria and provides an optimal environment for healing.

Duration of Saniderm Bandage:
   - Leave the Saniderm on for a period of 24 to 48 hours after getting the tattoo. If you notice an excessive accumulation of blood or fluid under the film, it needs to be changed earlier.

   - To change the Saniderm, wash your hands carefully and slowly remove the film, being careful not to irritate the skin. If the film resists, you can moisten the edges with warm water to facilitate its removal.

   - Once the Saniderm is removed, gently clean your tattoo with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. Avoid using sponges or rough towels; use your hands to gently wash the area.

   - Dry the tattoo by patting gently with a clean paper towel. Avoid rubbing the area.

Application of a New Saniderm Bandage:

Note: only if your artist recommends it. Apply a new Saniderm bandage after cleaning the tattoo. Make sure that the skin is completely dry and free of soap residue before applying the new film.

Duration of the Second Saniderm:The second Saniderm bandage can be kept on for up to 2-3 days unless you notice sweat buildup under the Saniderm. Monitor for any signs of irritation or infection. If you notice abnormal signs like redness or irritation under or along the edge of the Saniderm, remove it.

   - Once you have completely removed the Saniderm, start moisturizing your tattoo with a fragrance-free cream or lotion. You can purchase Aquaphor, Tattoo Goo, or a tattoo healing cream. Apply it in a thin layer to avoid saturating the tattoo.

Exposure and Activities:

  - Avoid direct sun exposure and do not submerge your tattoo in water (pools, hot tubs, long baths, oceans) for at least two weeks.
   - Avoid intense physical activities that could cause excessive sweating in the tattoo area during the first 24 hours after removing the Saniderm.

General Precautions:
   - Do not scratch or rub your tattoo. It is normal for a light scab to form, but you should let it fall off naturally.
   - If you have any adverse reactions or signs of infection, consult your doctor.

   - Observe the progress of your tattoo and do not hesitate to consult your tattoo artist if you have any questions or concerns during the healing process.

Remember that proper care of your tattoo is crucial to ensure that it heals correctly and maintains its beauty over time.

For any questions, I am here at your service, thank you for working with me.
Gerardo Quijada,