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Choose from three design complexities based on our consultation:
1. Simple Design
2. Medium Design
3. Advanced Design 


Starting your tattoo journey with me is an exciting process, and this Designing Deposit is the second step after our initial consultation.

This commitment ensures that I pour dedicated time, effort, and creativity into creating a design that's uniquely yours.

Tailored to You: After our initial chat, I'll create a design that perfectly captures your vision and preferences based on the images and ideas you've shared with me.
Revisions are on Me: I know how crucial it is to nail the design. That's why I offer up to three revisions to ensure every element matches your expectations. Please note, that if you want a major deviation from the original concept, there might be extra charges.
No extra cost: When you're ready to get inked, I'll deduct the design deposit from the total tattoo session price.
Dedicated Artistry: Your deposit ensures that I can focus on your design with the utmost attention to detail.


- The Designing Deposit is non-refundable. I value the time and imagination that goes into every design.
- Upon design approval, a separate booking deposit will be needed to lock in your tattoo session in my calendar.

Remember, the amount you pay for your chosen design will be subtracted from the total cost of your tattoo session. (It is NOT an additional charge)

Let's create fantastic art that you'll proudly wear forever!

Tattoo Design Deposit
Tattoo Design Deposit Sale price$100.00